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Friday, July 16, 2010

The Happy Quilt

Here it is... all done. I meandered in the center with the birdcages, then again throughout the green border and then I changed and did a straight spiral stitching pattern throughout the second border, then went back to meandering around the final border.

I had one big I was meandering my way up the final side of the final border, I felt the machine go over a big lump. "Hmmm, what was that?", thought I. Turned the quilt over and saw the big mess I had made.....somehow, my backing had gotten shifted and I had pleats and tucks EVERYWHERE along that final row of stitching! I thought my brain was going to spill out of my ears all over the table! I had been so careful and pinned so well - how could this happen on my last row? I pulled all the stitching out, repositioned the backing and pressed the quilt sandwich all together again, repinned, and started again. I was able to finish it without a single tuck! Yea!! And my brain stayed completely intact within my skull.

The fabrics and colors still make me happy.

I pieced the back and I love it!! I love the texture that the quilting made on the white background.

Here is where I did the meandering in the green inner border, then straight line stitching in the patchwork border and back to meandering in the final border.


quiltilicious said...

Came here from Flickr...fab quilt and I love/like that I am not the only one who thinks things are going swimmingly well, only to discover I have a big fat tangled mess of thread on the underneath of the quilt!!

A Spoonful Of Sugar said...

What a bright and cheerful print. Love the fabrics you have used - very pretty.

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