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Monday, June 7, 2010

Weekend in Review

My butt was pretty much plastered to the chair in front of the sewing machine all weekend. By the time Sunday evening rolled around, Louis had to scrape me off with a spatula! Here's what I accomplished:

Saturday: Beverly Belle twirl top for Abby - This is the second top I've done using this GREAT pattern from Izzy & Ivy Designs. I had the black and white fabric in my stash but this top really needed a splash of color.
Magenta - PERFECT!!

Sunday: Another pattern from Izzy & Ivy called "Macy Giggles". Oh, I am in LOVE with this pattern! It was super easy to put together with everything matching up perfectly the first time (when does that ever happen for me?).
I thought I had died and gone to heaven!

Check out the back - can it get any cuter than this? Covered buttons with loops?
Be still my heart!

I followed this tutorial and made a little fabric box...
Big deal, right? A little fabric box...whatever. Well, I've named this box my "Foot Locker". Wait for it.......wait for it......



Get it???


Shasta said...

Fantastic! I loved that you used 3 fabrics to make the Beverly Belle. It is so adorable! I also love your Macy giggles. She is such a fun little pattern to make.
Thanks for sharing your pics with us!
Great Job!
Jana Nielson
Izzy & Ivy Designs

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