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Saturday, June 26, 2010

UFO's for Saturday Night

I always thought I had it down. Finish one project before starting another one...isn't that what my mother taught me to do?

This UFO keeps staring me in the face. It's my "Happy Quilt". I found the birdcage fabric and HAD TO HAVE IT! I was originally going to make a skirt for Ab but she didn't like the fabric at all - and if she doesn't like it - there's no way it will go on her body in any shape or form (hmmm....though now that I'm thinking about it, I wonder if she would wear a headband if I made one for her - nevermind). So, I just bought some of the fabric anyway and decided that it made me happy just looking at it so I made a "Happy Quilt". I've finished the top and have meandered all over the bird cage fabric in the center. Still deciding what to do with the borders and I need to get some thread - I'm thinking of getting something varigated for the rest of the quilting.

Then, I have this little project going.....

I'm doing Sew Momma, Sew's Sampler Blocks and making the 4 of them into wall decor for my sewing room/study/dad's vacation room. I've got two of the tops done but that's it. I'm semi-happy with them. I found the fabric "Tweet Tweet" by Keiki for Moda and liked the blue hues so I focused on them. What I've realized is that I need to do the "squint" test to get a better selection of contrasts. When I "squint" at my blocks, they all look the same. Oh well, live and learn.

I need new scrub tops so badly and decided today to pull out a pattern and see if I can throw a few together. I have one store brand top that fits perfectly so I tried to pull it apart at the seams to use as pattern pieces but I can't get the collar undone well so I gave up. I was able to take the pattern I have and place the front and back of the top that fits me well to determine which size to make (I never have luck making clothes for myself but come's a scrub top. They are loose and straight and I figure the worst thing I could do is put the pockets on crooked or make the V-neck so low cut know.

The only fabric I have right now to make scrub tops is Christmas fabric which I bought last year (to make scrub tops incidentally). BUT....I think the fabrics are so cute, maybe I'd rather use them to make a Christmas quilt of some sort. Naaaahhhhh....I'll just stick with plan A. Here's the fabric...

This is where the collective "awwwwww" takes place. Don't those little penguins make you want to build an igloo and invite them over to play?


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